netPanzer 0.8.7

netPanzer 0.8.7

netPanzer 0.8.7

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Free Download (13.2 MB) netPanzer 0.8.7
By netPanzer (Open Source)

netPanzer 0.8.7 - netPanzer is an isometric view real-time tactical game designed for play across the Internet and over LAN systems. One on one games are possible via direct connect or modem. netPanzer is designed for FAST ACTION combat -- it is not another resource management clone. In fact, there aren't any resources at all. Each player will have many units of different types at their disposal.

Players can fight until their units are destroyed -- then respawn and keep on going. The game is real-time, but it's based on quick tactical action and unit management. Battles progress quickly and constantly; in fact, they never let up. There is no stop in the action because there is no waiting for resources to be collected and converted into weaponry. Players can join or leave multiplayer games at any time.

Title: netPanzer 0.8.7 Filename: File size: 13.2 MB Requirements: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and Windows 10 Languages: Multi Language License: Open Source Author: netPanzer
  • Ally chat bug fixed. The new key to open it is now ‘t’, instead of CTRL+a - press enter to send msg etc. just like the normal chat.

  • Crash of dedicated server on restart (generally after 3rd round) fixed.

  • Nicknames are now cropped at 24 chars (no more long ugly nicks)

  • Fixed server crash on receiving long chat strings (this was a serious vunerability easy to exploit in lua).

  • Fixed game (score,nicks,tanks control) hijacking by sending packets normally not destined to gameserver (there might be other similar issues regarding netpackets - but at least we now know where to look).

  • Several Anti-Spam controls:

  • chat messages rate limited - abusers get brutally disconnected hehe.

  • high rate ally requests messages limited - abuser gets disconnected.

  • anti cheat (autoclick) - players with excessive click rate are kicked and a message appears on server. Can be tuned in server.cfg (values from 1 [strict] to 5 [very permissive], default is 3 - note: a very bad connection, and usually a wireless one, may cause to be wrongly identified as ‘cheaters’, though this appears to be not frequent).

  • no easy frags - players with a score (points) less than -25 get kicked (value can be set in server.cfg [from -15 to -100]), a warning appears in chat to remind this rule.

  • A remix of visuals and starting panels graphics (finally coordinated with the main website).

  • Added tips for newbies in JoinView (random on each restart).

  • The welcome msg in dedicated server is now repeated every 10 mins - can be used as reminder…

  • A set of ASCII Art messages have been added in usercommands.lua - usage ‘/say war’ (you can add your own) - max 7 lines or servers disconnect you!

  • Partially reactivated bots (they just connect, get an ugly gray flag and sit there LOL).

  • Temporarily disabled unit powerups as they never worked (only unit self-destruct is still active) and replaced by bonus units and radar powerups - I’d like to make a major rewrite of bonuses in next release to make the unit powerups actually work and add new ones.