PacMan 5 - A Faithful Remake

PacMan 5 - A Faithful Remake

PacMan 5

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Free Download (6.90 MB) PacMan 5
By elPatrixF (Freeware)

PacMan 5 - is a Pac-Man game which aims to keep gameplay VERY close to the original (Down to the bugs and strategies), while adding extra features and multiple game modes. Such as jumping, additional ghosts (Alla pacmania), different layouts, etcetera.

Most notably, it also features Ms. Pac-Man and Jr. Pac-Man game modes, which also replicate the arcade originals with the same level of faithfulness. Think of it like a “sandbox pacman” thing, but it is 100% playable and complete on its own as of today.

It is intention was to keep the gameplay as close as the original, ranging from ghost behavior, to speed and fright time and stuff. Graphics are x4 the original game's size, included a dip-switch-like configuration screen to further tweak the gameplay.

Title: PacMan 5 Filename: pacman5.exe File size: 6.90 MB Requirements: Win 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP Languages: Multi Language License: Freeware Author: elPatrixF