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Secret PDF

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By Secret PDF (Freeware)

Secret PDF - Secret PDF is a handy application helps users to create a special PDF document which could be only opened and read in a specified computer. No one can open it in other computers. Secret PDF is capable of preventing unauthorized distribution and protect the PDF document from editing, copying, printing and converting. Keep your PDF in safe situation.

Generate a Local Key - When a reader requests to open your PDF document, the user should generate a local key in his/her computer before authorized. This local key means the identification of the device. Only this computer could open and get access to the PDF document.

Authorize Your PDF - As the PDF owner, once you have received the local key from the user, you should start authorizing process, encrypt your document and lock the users' computer. The produced new key is protected by AES encryption and random algorithms technology. The key will be exported to a new txt file.

Open the Encrypted PDF - After the step 2, the PDF owner can deliver the new key to the user. The user should use the built-in PDF viewer our program provides to view the document. Click “Open PDF” button and enter the shipped key and then select the authorized PDF to open. Our viewer only allows reading.

Protect Your Document:

  • The users cannot open the PDF using owners' key directly.
  • The users cannot edit, copy, print the encrypted PDF.
  • The encrypted PDF document could not be opened in unauthorized devices.
  • The owners' key could only be used to open the authorized PDF document.
  • The encrypted pdf cannot be converted back to Word, Excel or other formats.
  • As the PDF has been protected with high-level encryption technology, it is difficult to be cracked or recovered.

Title: Secret PDF Filename: Secret_PDF.exe File size: 7.17 MB Requirements: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, .Net 4.0 or later. Languages: Multi Language License: Freeware Author: Secret PDF