AnyDesk 5.0.3

AnyDesk 5.0.3

AnyDesk 5.0.3

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Free Download (2.8 MB) AnyDesk 5.0.3
By AnyDesk (Freeware)

AnyDesk 5.0.3 Remote Desktop for PC Windows - AnyDesk is a popular and its unique remote desktop access software has been downloaded by more than 150 million users worldwide, adding another 5 million every month.

With AnyDesk you can use your personal computer from anywhere. Your perso­nalized AnyDesk-ID is the key to your Desk­top, with all your applications, docu­ments and photos. Most importantly, your data stays where it belongs-on your hard drive and nowhere else.

Built by us, DeskRT is an innovative codec that forms the foundation of AnyDesk. It compresses and transfers image data between computers in a way that no competing product is able to do.

Perform tasks smoothly, even with bandwidths as low as 100 kB/sec. AnyDesk is the remote desktop software of choice for areas with poor internet connectivity.

Enjoy a fluent on-screen experience, with 60 fps on local networks and most internet connections.

Title: AnyDesk 5.0.3 Filename: AnyDesk.exe File size: 2.8 MB Requirements: Windows (All Versions) Languages: Multi Language License: Freeware Author: AnyDesk