Prevent Recovery 4.05

Prevent Recovery 4.05

Prevent Recovery 4.05

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By CyRobo (Freeware)

Prevent Recovery 4.05 - Make Deleted Files Unrecoverable. Even if you have emptied the Recycle Bin, the files have not been deleted forever. The content of deleted files is still available for recovery until it is overwritten by a new file. If you have saved private information on your computer, and later deleted it, you should make sure that the deleted files are unrecoverable. Otherwise, someone could recover it, even years after you deleted it. Our program takes care of all of the necessary steps in making sure that your deleted files are erased forever. The FBI and CIA have specific rules about data erasure, confirming the fact of how important it is to make sure that your data is really deleted. They also use programs like ours to keep their systems free from any recovery threats. Lives depend on it.

Why Aren't Files Deleted Even If They Should Be? This is because the Windows OS does not erase files from the disk, it simply marks the file as deleted. The content of the file remains available on the disk until it is overwritten by another file, partially or fully. The biggest problem with this is that nobody knows when the deleted file will be overwritten - will it be after an hour or a year? Windows OS writes new data to the nearest free spot for magnetic head. That's why there can be very long periods of time during which a file can be recovered completely, or in part.

Overwrite Free Disk Space. If the deleted file remains on the hard disk, but the content is marked as "free space" we can overwrite all of free space to destroy the content of deleted files forever. That's how our program works - it writes new random data to all free space on your hard drive, and as a result, all of the deleted files are overwritten with new data. This process is time consuming because we are required to overwrite all of the free disk space. Nobody knows where parts of deleted files are located, but our results are perfect - all of the deleted files will be erased, no matter when they were originally deleted.

Title: Prevent Recovery 4.05 Filename: setup_prerec.exe File size: 1.80 MB Requirements: Windows (All Versions) Languages: Multi Language License: Freeware Author: CyRobo