Clean Space 7.41

Clean Space 7.41

Clean Space 7.41

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By Mathew Limdonholk (Freeware)

Clean Space 7.41 - Clean Space was designed to rid your computer of electronic garbage and protect your online privacy. Your computer's garbage includes a lot of objects (for example, cache and temporary files of various programs and Windows OS itself), internet cookie files, internet browsing history, logs, index.dat files, registry entries, etc. Those objects are scattered throughout your computer, usually in hidden system folders, wasting gigabytes of precious disk space.

To perform professional operations, you do not need to be a highly tech-savvy person. The program's interface is so simple that even newbie users can operate it. It is completely intuitive.

Cleaning your unwanted cache will enable your Windows OS and other programs to run more efficiently. Improving computer performance is one of the primary goals of our program. Deleted data are unrecoverable, so you physically stay secure. Even special magnets would not be able to restore deleted data.

Each program you use (Windows OS, browser, Notepad, Word, Calculator) leaves behind some temporary files or registry records about your activity. This cache requires extra disk space and regular maintenance. Valuable system resources will be wasted in order to index that cache, make changes to it, check if it is up-to-date, remove its obsolete elements, etc. Just think... your browser maintains over 10,000 cached images of previously visited websites, ones you may never visit again, and your browser always indexes them, checks them, and maintains them.

Title: Clean Space 7.41 Filename: setup_clnspc.exe File size: 14.2 MB Requirements: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10 Languages: Multi Language License: Freeware Author: Mathew Limdonholk
This release is useful for Windows 10 users: we have added new cleaning options to the list.
Added cleaning of "CryptNetURL" cache for the following apps:
- Skype
- Windows Maps
- Windows Mail
- Windows Photos
- Windows Camera
- Viber
- Cortana
- Windows Edge
- Pandora
- Windows News
- Dropbox
CryptnetUrlCaches stores some information about secure connections which these apps using. Thus, some data may be keept on your PC about sites to which these apps connects to and, plus, its a cache, its a copy of something that you can delete and usually don't need.
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